Thoughts related to ShipIt changes

Nate omegamormegil at
Mon Oct 26 21:31:46 GMT 2009

As Canonical is changing it's free CD's by mail program (source: ), and
considering that we seem to have a bunch of unused install CD's left over
after the 6 month window when they are valid, maybe we should think of a
creative way to get CDs to people in MD that are too far away, or just
unable to come to meetings.

Perhaps this would be a good way of increasing remote participation with the
Loco team (do we still do IRC meetings?).  We could always mail CD's if we
had to (and if someone was willing to spring for postage - maybe a few
people could chip in), or maybe there are other options.  Perhaps if we
advertised on the forums that we still have CDs from Canonical people would
come out and get them.

An easy and simple solution would obviously be preferable.  At the very
least, we could just put something on the website indicating that free
install CD's are available at the meetings.



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