usability testing this weekend

Celeste Lyn Paul celeste at
Mon Jul 14 18:07:16 BST 2008

Hey all, 

I was on vacation for a week so I´m not sure if I missed any messages comments 
about the usability testing on July 19th (I accidentally deleted all my new 
mails.  Hopefully they were only mailing lists).

Is usability testing still on for this weekend?  We were planning on testing 
photo management on Ubuntu.  I´m still willing if we have enough people 
interested (I would recommend at least 8 participants). I´m still working on 
the moderator´s guide.  I want to try and keep the activity to 30 minutes so 
our participants and moderators dont tire out.  This will also let us test 
more people.

I haven´t heard about the availability of the Howard County Library or who is 
interested in participating and how many participants they can recruit.  A 
training/planning meeting is scheduled for Thursday (July 17) evening but no 
location has been determined.  We will have to go without support from Ubuntu 
for this first one, the Desktop team gave us full support but I´ve been 
playing email tag with the community manager which has resulted in no swag 
yet.  No worries, we can still give out free CDs and candy bars!

So what´s the good word?  We still doing this?  What time and where do you 
want to meet on Thursday to do a training session?

~ Celeste

Celeste Lyn Paul
celeste at
KDE Usability Project

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