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Mon Feb 25 19:09:12 GMT 2008

On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 9:46 PM, Chuck Frain <chuckfrain at> wrote:
>  The IRC chats should continue. That's great, but if no one attends, do they
>  happen? I can say from my point is that I tend to forget to log in for them,
>  or do not have time to. It's not a matter that it's not on my calendar, it's
>  a factor of simply 7pm coming and going without a thought about the chat.

Do you think it would help to shorten the IRC meetings and make them
happen more often? It looks like NY's LoCo team has an IRC meeting
once every two weeks. Having the meeting more frequently might
encourage more participation/reinforce the habit :-).

>  Another thing I see is wanting to do more enthusiast type activities. What
>  do you picture being done at these? Is it simply an Ubuntu Users gathering
>  such as we did for the Gutsy release or do you want to work a presentation
>  into this? From discussions we've had on the upcoming install fest and this
>  thread I do have a first thought on a topic. Either we do the 'Why Ubuntu?'
>  presentation or a 'New Life For Your Old PC!' type of presentation. This
>  leads to a when and where discussion.

Both I'd say, but definitely more advocacy.  Presentations to college
ACM groups, computer fairs, etc.

>  Then the question about the First Friday thing.

Yeah, I think I spoke too soon on this one.  I made some phone calls
this morning, participation is closed to all but businesses on Main
St. So never-mind :-)

- Rich

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