SFD fast approaching

Ubuntu Maryland Loco Team ubuntu-us-md at lists.ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 13 23:33:17 BST 2007

As everybody knows, SFD is fast approaching! Here are some items that I
would like help in bringing:
*Power strips and extension cords
*PC/monitor power cables
*Keyboards, mice

If you are bringing in items, please label them with your name.

That's pretty much it. I have all the networking stuff in order, all the CDs
as long as Chuck brings the ones from Canonical. Server is ready and tested.
I have machines for demoing. Let's do this!!

If you are planning on doing an install, please download
a flash drive and bring said flash drive. We will replace the
installations sources.list to use the local proxy then replace it with the

Here's how the day will go. Please be at the library at 9AM to organize and
move all our stuff in. We will set up the stations, network, and assign
roles. We need one person to be the greeter, so if anyone has a friend who
doesn't have the expertise to do an install... :-D We can use him/her.
Sometime we will congregate and decide what we'll do for lunch.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me! cyounkins +AT+
gmail *dot com!

Craig Younkins

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