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Songbird no longer supports linux. It hasn't in over a year:

On 05/17/2011 11:03 AM, Bill Simonds wrote:
> is Audacity, an open source cross platform wave form editor and
> recorder. Get it here: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
> If you have not played around with it, you don't know what you're
> missing. What do you do with it? You record and edit streaming audio.
> You can subscribe to a song playing service like Napster, MOG,
> ($5.00/month) or Rhapsody and as the music it streamed to you, you
> just hit "record" and capture it. Then, with a few strokes of your
> mouse, output the recording to mp3 files, or .flak - the open source
> free losless audio codec.
> The resulting recordings sound great, just like commercial mp3 file
> you buy for $.99 from iTunes or Amazon, but the cost is near zero. It
> might even be legal, as it's no different from recording a TV show
> with a VCR or whatever.
> I have thrown together a little demo of songs I recorded, in case you
> want to explore it further. http://www.box.net/shared/ht9sfdrpgl
> In the event that you need some suggestions as to what to play your
> music on, I recommend two players: Songbird and VLC. Both are free
> software. Songbird is Mozilla foundation's newest thing, designed to
> compete with iTunes. It's purple. Both of those things play .flak,
> which is said to be superior to Apple Losless. VLC plays anything,
> incl. video. If you find yourself in possession of some weird file and
> have no idea how to play it, chances are VLC will play it. It has
> codecs for everything built in, no need to install libraries.

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