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Ralph deGennaro rmdegennaro at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 17:46:18 UTC 2011

Hey all,

Awesome, cool!  Thanks Algot & Steve.

I can already see there are a few topics to chat about.  Maybe even
something to lure Steve closer to Boston.  :-)  But I'll wait for others to
shout out or whatever the phrase may be...


On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 9:02 PM, Steve Bridges <steve at voodooradio.org>wrote:

> **
> Yes, Rio, we are a bunch of lurkers. I personally feel ashamed for not
> having chimed in as much, but I am one of those keep quiet unless absolutely
> necessary kind of subscribers. Also time constraints have forced me from
> reading mail from the list on a more consistent basis.
> A quick intro. I currently am living in the Greater Springfield Area where
> there is not that many people that I have found locally that are using
> Linux. Heck a majority of the people I talked to didn't know what a podcast
> was 4 years ago when I was looking for equipment to produce one. If anyone
> is in this area, let me know, dammit. Most of the computer folk out here are
> on Mac OS or Windows. ;)
> I have been using Ubuntu since Hoary Hedgehog but really went full blown
> when Karmic was released. I went from dual booting 9.10 and Windows XP Pro
> then took the plunge and have not turned back. I am currently under
> Maverick, not because of the reason that Unity is failing on some levels for
> users, but because there is a major bug with the Intel driver for the latest
> releases that disallows me to use my SVideo port to watch movies from my
> laptop to a TV, and some other glitches I noticed. I already submitted my
> bug report and now it's the old waiting game for it to be fixed. But that is
> beside the point.
> This topic peeked my interest so here we go:
> Do:
>    - Listen to Podcasts (downloaded via gPodder)
>    - Listen to Music (via Rhythmbox or Banshee depending on my mood)
>    - Watch videos (both on the laptop screen and through SVideo out to my
>    TV)
>    - Produce a podcast (using Audacity) I haven't done one in a few
>    months, but will be relaunching soon (http://www.voodooradio.org)
>    - Upload my podcast through Filezilla
>     - Create web graphics (GIMP and Inkscape)
>    - Play Games (Humble Indie Bundle's games, Minecraft, Planeshift (from
>    time to time), and more)
>    - Let my 3 year old daughter play (gCompris, TuxPaint, Potato Guy)
>    - Typical internet use (chat (XChat and Empathy), browse (Chromium),
>    email (Thunderbird), etc.)
>     - Create DVD's (dvdstyler)
>    - Create Videos (kdenlive because I had so much issues with OpenShot
>    and PiTiVi in the past) See my youtube channel (
>    http://www.youtube.com/voodoostevie) for examples. The first 3 I made
>    back on 2006 were under Windows Movie Maker, but all after that are using
>    kdenlive.
> What I want to do:
>    - Home banking (HomeBank looks decent, but I haven't delved into it)
>    - Learn to use Blender for creating video sequences and more.
>    - Become more involved with LoCo or LUG's but I am relocating in the
>    fall so will have to align myself with folks in the new area.
>    - Set up a home network for media, file, and print services. Maybe
>     - Relaunch my podcast (I know I mentioned that before, so sue me)
>    - Learn to use Gimp and Inkscape better. Still stuck in the Photoshop
>    way of doing things so I get frustrated a lot and it shows with some of my
>    work.
>    - Teach my daughter how to use Linux more (so far she is doing damn
>    good. She hate's the mouse, but works the trackpad better than her Mom. She
>    also launches apps she knows are for her by herself.)
>     - Get my laptop's SVideo to work with Natty! (BIG ISSUE for me)
>    - Learn HTML5 and increase knowledge with MySQL, PHP, Javascript, and
>    CSS
>    - Try out Kubuntu to learn to work under KDE more. (Gnome 3 isn't there
>    quite yet and Unity seems a little quirky to me at this time).
>    - Post more on my geek related blog (http://www.gogogeekboy.com)
> I do quite a bit of things. And there is a lot more I would like to do.
> Anyone has comments about my stuff, feel free to let me know. I'm always up
> for talks and can be found on AIM, identi.ca, and twitter as voodoostevie.
> Cheers!
> On 06/29/2011 01:45 PM, Ralph deGennaro wrote:
> Hey all,
> I've been thinking (rare I know) about our status and lack of "umph".  And
> I have an idea.  Both as a topic in email, as well as perhaps one for July
> 2nd.
> After reading through (well skimming) the many emails I've missed, I see
> that we've been "delisted" as an official LoCo.  So, that's sad, but it at
> least gives us a place to start.  More interaction, activities and events
> seem to be the important pieces.  One thing to do is focus inward for a bit;
> and then see how that can lead to outward focused things.  BTW, I will get
> to my idea ...
> I see 83 people signed up for the list, and I doubt most of it is the media
> outlets just itching to know what we're up to.  I'm thinking with all those
> people, we have to have some common passions or desires.  I was hoping that
> everyone would respond to this email with two lists.  First is what do you
> all use Ubuntu to do?  A simple bulleted list is fine, nothing fancy.
> Perhaps a topical name and two phrase description.
> Second would be what would you like to do?  Again, a simple bulleted
> list..  A topical name and where you'd like to go in that idea. Things can
> be personal or work oriented.  Meaning, I want to do XYZ with ABC for my
> family.  Or I do LMNO with PQR on photos.  Etc, etc.  One could also mention
> if this is a paid-gig, serious hobby (amateur photographer) or just for
> family & friends.  There could be "cross pollination" of experience and
> talents.
> And this is even for people who can't participate in person.  We've got to
> have some over lap in the two, as well as maybe more then one person is
> looking to do the same stuff.  And we're all digitally inclined.  So sharing
> the wealth (of knowledge) and desire (to tinker) among us should be fun.
> My list will follow shortly with the same title.  Hopefully threaded reader
> will keep them together...
> Best,
> Ralph (aka Rio)
> p.s.  My time is much more open now .... because, well, I don't have much
> work.  So I'm focusing on finding new work opportunities, but still aim to
> participate with the LoCo if I can find some cohorts...
> --
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