[ubuntu-us-ma] Ubuntu'ers - What do you like to do?

Ralph deGennaro rmdegennaro at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 17:51:55 UTC 2011

Hey again all,

What do I actively do:

   - Music listening - I have a huge collection of CD's that are now all
   MP3's, I use Amarok, make playslists, wrote a playlist script for putting on
   my phone.
   - Music editing - though I haven't been in a band for a few years, I'm
   cleaning up old recordings when I can.  I use Audacity mostly.
   - Organize photos of family & friends - mostly for archive, I don't edit
   much.  I use digiKam and upload to Google.
   - Store recipes - I started putting them into TikiWiki, but mostly
   scattered as ODT's and text files at this point, see below
   - Play games - mostly old ones that I inherit from friends through WINE
   - General stuff - emails, business activities

What do I want to do:

   - Media Center - mostly a ToDo because I hadn't the time, but I plan on
   setting up XBMC or MythTV soon
   - Write & philosophize - mostly I can't find a good organizer of various
   short things I've written, started moving to TikiWiki, thinking of Drupal
   - Store & access recipes better:  maybe build a webapp to share with
   friends, also have them on home system and view with tablet in kitchen,
   maybe check out Drupal for it as well.
   - General Ledger stuff - I'd like to learn (self or from someone) how to
   manage my business and personal finances on linux.
   - Play games - when we were younger and had time, I played Halo (the
   original) with friends on multiplayer. Be nice to do something similar on
   linux and invite those friends in addition to LoCo folks...

That's a start, I hope...


On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 1:45 PM, Ralph deGennaro <rmdegennaro at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hey all,
> I've been thinking (rare I know) about our status and lack of "umph".  And
> I have an idea.  Both as a topic in email, as well as perhaps one for July
> 2nd.
> After reading through (well skimming) the many emails I've missed, I see
> that we've been "delisted" as an official LoCo.  So, that's sad, but it at
> least gives us a place to start.  More interaction, activities and events
> seem to be the important pieces.  One thing to do is focus inward for a bit;
> and then see how that can lead to outward focused things.  BTW, I will get
> to my idea ...
> I see 83 people signed up for the list, and I doubt most of it is the media
> outlets just itching to know what we're up to.  I'm thinking with all those
> people, we have to have some common passions or desires.  I was hoping that
> everyone would respond to this email with two lists.  First is what do you
> all use Ubuntu to do?  A simple bulleted list is fine, nothing fancy.
> Perhaps a topical name and two phrase description.
> Second would be what would you like to do?  Again, a simple bulleted
> list..  A topical name and where you'd like to go in that idea. Things can
> be personal or work oriented.  Meaning, I want to do XYZ with ABC for my
> family.  Or I do LMNO with PQR on photos.  Etc, etc.  One could also mention
> if this is a paid-gig, serious hobby (amateur photographer) or just for
> family & friends.  There could be "cross pollination" of experience and
> talents.
> And this is even for people who can't participate in person.  We've got to
> have some over lap in the two, as well as maybe more then one person is
> looking to do the same stuff.  And we're all digitally inclined.  So sharing
> the wealth (of knowledge) and desire (to tinker) among us should be fun.
> My list will follow shortly with the same title.  Hopefully threaded reader
> will keep them together...
> Best,
> Ralph (aka Rio)
> p.s.  My time is much more open now .... because, well, I don't have much
> work.  So I'm focusing on finding new work opportunities, but still aim to
> participate with the LoCo if I can find some cohorts...
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