[ubuntu-us-ma] Ubuntu'ers - What do you like to do?

Ralph deGennaro rmdegennaro at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 17:45:36 UTC 2011

Hey all,

I've been thinking (rare I know) about our status and lack of "umph".  And I
have an idea.  Both as a topic in email, as well as perhaps one for July

After reading through (well skimming) the many emails I've missed, I see
that we've been "delisted" as an official LoCo.  So, that's sad, but it at
least gives us a place to start.  More interaction, activities and events
seem to be the important pieces.  One thing to do is focus inward for a bit;
and then see how that can lead to outward focused things.  BTW, I will get
to my idea ...

I see 83 people signed up for the list, and I doubt most of it is the media
outlets just itching to know what we're up to.  I'm thinking with all those
people, we have to have some common passions or desires.  I was hoping that
everyone would respond to this email with two lists.  First is what do you
all use Ubuntu to do?  A simple bulleted list is fine, nothing fancy.
Perhaps a topical name and two phrase description.

Second would be what would you like to do?  Again, a simple bulleted list..
A topical name and where you'd like to go in that idea. Things can be
personal or work oriented.  Meaning, I want to do XYZ with ABC for my
family.  Or I do LMNO with PQR on photos.  Etc, etc.  One could also mention
if this is a paid-gig, serious hobby (amateur photographer) or just for
family & friends.  There could be "cross pollination" of experience and

And this is even for people who can't participate in person.  We've got to
have some over lap in the two, as well as maybe more then one person is
looking to do the same stuff.  And we're all digitally inclined.  So sharing
the wealth (of knowledge) and desire (to tinker) among us should be fun.

My list will follow shortly with the same title.  Hopefully threaded reader
will keep them together...

Ralph (aka Rio)

p.s.  My time is much more open now .... because, well, I don't have much
work.  So I'm focusing on finding new work opportunities, but still aim to
participate with the LoCo if I can find some cohorts...
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