[ubuntu-us-ma] How do I activate my copy of Linux?

Sean Terrell sean.terrell at cox.net
Tue Jun 8 17:09:42 BST 2010

I am truly loving using Linux Mint, but I am very frustrated right now!
I know this is gonna make me look like a serious noob, but HOW DO I

I want to be legal and be sure that I am using a Genuine copy of Linux
Mint and not some counterfeit junk that some hacker has loaded down with
nifty "features"! 

I've looked through every menu entry in the Start menu and can't find
any way to activate my copy of Mint, and I have not been prompted to do
so. Is activation optional or something?

I even tried typing a few things at the weird-looking DOS prompt
(GoGenuine, MintActivate, sudo apt-get install genuine-linux,) but I got

I'd really like to get this done! Thanks in advance for any help!


Sean ;)

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