[ubuntu-us-ma] Is Ubuntu-centricity holding us back?

Daniel Hollocher danielhollocher at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 03:53:28 BST 2010

Hey guys,
I also like the idea of having the group be more ecumenical.  I think
allot of people want to support Ubuntu in a non-profit manner, or at
least free for all type manner.  And when canonical makes its
decisions, it can get confusing as to what we are doing.  I personally
don't like that confusion.  I think it can create allot of unnecessary

One option I'm thinking of is to rephrase what it means to be Ubuntu
centric.  We can declare that even though this group focuses on
ubuntu, it is not in opposition to other distros.  We pick ubuntu for
the sake of simplicity and focus, not because it is "better" (even
though some may think that).  This is already done with regards to the
other flavours of ubuntu: kubuntu, xubuntu, etc etc.  We pick ubuntu
as a flagship of all those.  We can just extend our thinking of ubuntu
to be a flagship of all free software.

With that, I think we can welcome users of other distros.  We just
need to have some guidelines, like "it's ok to point out differences
between distros, but this isn't the place to debate the differences
nor which is better."  "We always use ubuntu as an initial offering
for simplicity."  etc.

I don't think it would be a great idea to separate the group from
ubuntu at large, just to make a point.  I say that we should just do
what we want, and then if we are breaking any rules we can sort it
out.  I think it is nice for those that do it, to be able to do things
like give out ubuntu cds, and it would be a shame to give that up
without clear gains.

I also have a little interest in checking out the BLU.  I was a little
turned off by the fact that as Bill pointed out, there aren't many
young people.  I've yet to attend an install fest, of any kind, so I'm
thinking of going to one of those.  If collaboration is possible
between the two groups, I think that would be fantastic.  Both groups
seem kinda small, and there is a little overlap.


On Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 9:32 AM, Martin Owens <doctormo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey Bill,
> On Sun, 2010-04-25 at 02:07 -0400, Bill Ricker wrote:
>> We already have in Greater Boston a no-limits Linux User Group,
>> BLU.org,
>> Boston Linux Unix, that does any-distro installfests, and which is
>> open to
>> even commercial Unix -- which explains why it is the only LUG older
>> than
>> Linux. BLU will have a booth at LinuxCon this summer here in Boston.
>> It
>> could really use some younger members,
> It could, but then again the mission of the BLU is to be a user group.
> Your standard every day pizza eating and commercial talks type show.
> Which is great for a certain distinguished kind of nerd but lacks the
> real get up and go of any sort of social impetus that I see hunger for.
>> so Danny and anyone else wishing to
>> be active outside of Ubuntu be welcome to join us there.
> I'd recommend people go to BLU when they are showing something that
> interests them, I've been to a few myself and it can be fun. But they
> don't have very many "Getting Involved in your local community center"
> type talks.
> Also I think the BLU is LONG overdue for a new website. It's not 1992
> any more. Perhaps the kids aren't excited by bare bones black on white.
>> Last week, we heard
>> about using a commercial product, Dragon Naturally Speaking, under
>> WINE.
>> Upcoming:
> Sounds good, where you there? did it work?
> Martin,
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