[ubuntu-us-ma] Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 Upgrade script extremely inefficient (downloads from the internet, ignores local CD image)

Randy Cole randyokc at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 09:29:33 GMT 2009

I am very disappointed with the Ubuntu upgrade process this time.  
After attempting to perform a distribution upgrade, I find it would be
much faster to download the CD using bittorrent.  After downloading the
desktop cd, I find out I need the "Alternate" CD.   So I download that. 
I run the cdupgrade script, which gives me the option of allowing
packages to also download over the network.  I say yes.  But it says 1+
day.  (Why would I need to download so many packages on day zero)?  So I
cancel, re-run the script and say no.  Still downloads.  I untar the
python, type
./karmic --cdrom=/cdrom --without-network .  It still downloads from the

Also, version upgrade "terminal" window doesn't open, unlike the window
in regular updates.

It should finish downloading the packages in either 10 hours, or 2 days,
1 hour.



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