[ubuntu-us-ma] Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 Upgrade script extremelyinefficient (downloads from the internet, ignores local CD image)

jay at lentecs.com jay at lentecs.com
Sun Nov 1 17:45:40 GMT 2009

It is sounding like a 3 hour upgrade is typical.  But you may also want to run a check on the hard drive if you have a very long upgrade.  

One of the big advantages of a fresh install is it allows the drive to remap any bad sectors that may be developing.

Probably not the cause of your problem but for any one upgrading, its good preventative maintenance.

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Paul Smith wrote:
> ...snip...
> ...Or, if the upgrade utility could mount an ISO image and upgrade
> from that: then you could bittorrent the ISO and get at least all of the
> major packages that way, and only need to download the extra
> packages--actually you can probably do this today but it will require
> some extra fu).
Paul, that's exactly what I was trying to do - and you are supposed to
be able to do with the "alternate" install disk.

Workaround: Go into system>administration>software sources, and manually
uncheck all of the repositories, then restart the upgrade. This changed
me from ~2999 packages to ~2222 packages and it stopped fetching over
the network. Therefore I must have about 800 packages that are not on
the CD, which will soon be broken, but I should be able to deal with
those later.

Here is the takeaway: It has still taken >3 hours to process the
packages and still going. So a clean install is definitely faster by a
factor of about 3 or 4.

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