[ubuntu-us-ma] Code Project Serving Suggestions...

Paul Smith paul at mad-scientist.us
Tue May 26 16:29:49 BST 2009

On Tue, 2009-05-26 at 16:59 +0200, Sean Sosik-Hamor wrote:
> Doc Kinne wrote:
> > Part of me is considering Launchpad, but the project has nothing to do,
> > per se, with *buntu (although certainly *buntu users will be able to run
> > the program).
> I'd say Launchpad, but I'm biased. ;) No worries if you don't consider
> your software Ubuntu-related; Launchpad is there for free hosting of any
> open source project regardless of target audience. If you're already
> familiar with Launchpad (it sounds like you are) there's no reason to
> learn a whole new admin interface.

Although I do like Ubuntu and use it every day and contribute where I
can, I have been pretty disappointed with Launchpad still not being open

If you want a committed open-sourced project hosting you might check out
the non-GNU software sister site to the FSF's hosting service Savannah,


The interface is definitely dated but it has all the standard stuff,
plus a large number of source control options available.


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