[ubuntu-us-ma] [ubuntu-jp-team:23316] Re: Can we collaborate?(from Ubuntu Japanese LoCo)

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 15:52:10 GMT 2009

Good to hear from you Hito-San,

> Sorry for my slow work, but I'm not getting lazy.

I do not think so :-) Thank you for working on this.

> We had something "license issue"("Ubunchu" is published in
> "Rakuchin-Ubuntu" that is Japanese Ubuntu related magazine).
> Issue is solved completely by seotch(He is *these* comic's
> author). Seotch negotiates with his publisher, and he got
> official agreeement by publisher!

Yes I remember you talking about that, it's good we've sorted it out.

> "Ubunchu" is serialization comic of "Rakuchin-Ubuntu".
> Seotch got translation agreement of Episode 2/3 too!
> Im glad to say that he will publish Episode 2/3 in his website,
> We could translate his great artworks!!

That's great! now we'll have more than 1.

> So, I send transled file of phase 1. Please go agead phase 2!

OK, time to convert engrish to english and some svgs to template the
language replacement.

Regards, Martin Owens

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