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Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 16:52:21 BST 2009

On Sat, 2009-07-18 at 00:55 -0700, Jordan Mantha wrote:
> I suppose we all have different views of the purpose of LoCos. I
> personally don't feel like advocacy targeted towards end users is all
> the important. I'd generally say advocacy towards software developers,
> OEMs, and ISVs is vastly more important. It seems like users will
> pretty much find the best product if it's really the best product. A
> LoCo can help by making Ubuntu the best product. I'm not trying to put
> down advocacy per se, it's just my personal view the a lot of end-user
> advocacy can be a waste of resources.

Fortunately we don't need to have a differing of opinion on the exact
nature of what Local Community groups do. Because while most groups are
pushing advocacy as a priority there are opportunities to carry out
development, translations and other work.

As for OEMs and ISVs, unless your a business or even a registered
organisation (we are not) then the only thing we can offer them is
advice, when and if they ask for it. Contact with random public groups
isn't a known priority for OEMs or ISVs.

> Fair enough. I wonder how long it will last but hopefully the success
> will continue.

Please don't FUD the work we do, that sounded too passive aggressive.

> I think you can also get disillusionment when an "advocate" doesn't
> properly address the needs of the potential  user

Of course, there is a skill in it and it takes time. The first step is
to learn to serve others before ones self.

> I'd rather see resources going into making
> Ubuntu a better product in the first place. No biggie, to each his
> own.

Of course you would, because this does mean a better OS for everyone.
But the barrier we have is not technical. It's social, educational and
market forces (and a small amount of legal). Making the OS better for
who? for your average user who it already serves very well? If the last
5% need better software then shouldn't they be paying for it to be made?

> I'll be moving to the Boston area (I recently got a job at Hanscom
> AFB) in a few weeks and look forward to hooking up with the LoCo.

I look forward to seeing you at events.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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