[ubuntu-us-ma] Who's using Ubuntu Server for HA applications?

Cook, John John_Cook at bose.com
Fri Jul 17 17:24:06 BST 2009

This might be a bit off topic. I have been using Ubuntu desktop for years for desktop and non-mission-critical server applications. I am beginning the process of migrating one of our high-availability applications from HPUX to a variant of Linux. There seems to be a great deal of momentum in the organization behind using one or another of the bigger named distributions, but I would like for us to seriously consider Ubuntu Server. I like the SLA model of licensing and personally find the distribution's offering to be much more pleasant to deal with. Does anyone on the list have stories that they would like to share? I don't need to be sold on the merits of Linux (in particular Ubuntu) over other operating systems. I am mostly interested in hearing about experience-- both good and bad-- with adopting Ubuntu Server. Thanks in advance -John.

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