[ubuntu-us-ma] federal stimulus money to provide broadband access. please, this is not spam, though it is only somewhat related to this list

Peter Costanza peter.costanza at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 22:49:05 BST 2009

FYI all,

In case you haven't been following this, there's still time for
community based organizations to apply for federal stimulus funding to
increase broadband access for underserved populations. Here's a short


American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Broadband Technology
Opportunity Program (BTOP)

Short Summary:

The Federal stimulus bill (ARRA) contains 4.7 billion dollars to expand
broadband internet to underserved urban communities, and billions more
to expand broadband internet to rural communities. Community Based
Organizations interested in providing high-speed internet access,
computer labs, computer literacy training, media production, computer
refurbishing, or in helping their communities set up wireless broadband
internet service (community 'mesh networks') should consider applying
for BTOP funds. The best chance for CBOs to receive some of these funds,
at this point, is probably to join a larger umbrella proposal that is
being put together by Zerodivide (http://zerodivide.org).

To join the Zerodivide proposal you will need to put together a plan
ASAP including:

- a short description of your organization
- a short summary of your project proposal
- the demographics of the people you would reach
- how many jobs would be created by your proposal?
- budget

If your proposal is to create or enhance a 'Public Computer Center,' you
will need to provide this information:

i. The number of work stations available to the public;
ii. The total hours of operation per week that the public computer
center is open;
iii. The speed of broadband to the public computer center;
iv. The primary uses of the public computer center;
v. The average number of users per day in the public computer center;
vi. The total hours per week of training provided at the public
computer center; and
viii. the number and cost of any broadband equipment deployed.

If your organization is interested you should contact Ruth Williams at
ZeroDivide ASAP!
Zerodivide Telephone: (415) 773-0388

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