[ubuntu-us-ma] Next Wednesday SysAdmin Class

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 07:44:23 BST 2009

Hello Local Community,

We learned a lot today and next week we should have more wrinkes worked
out into our kick-ass systems administration class. So first things,
while our Tuesday sessions are 6:30pm until 9pm (class starts at 7pm)
these systems administration classes start at 6:30pm and finish at

It was great to see all the people that said they would come, I was
teaching 7 people and I was pleased by how well each person was able to
grasp all the theory and move on quite quickly.

So this is our lesson plans:

15th July - Command Line Basics (Done)
22nd July - Computer Basics (Hardware, Bios, booting, os theory)
29th July - Networking Basics (ip-addr, routing, netmasks etc)

I know, it's a lot of groundwork, but I have to make sure I can pull
every single person through this course to get them from desktop junky
to useful systems maintainer, so once the first three background topics
are done, we move onto some more meat:

5th August - Installation and Package Management
12th August - Client Network Management
19th August - User Authentication
26th August - Remote Access
2nd September - Virtualization
9th September - Infrastructure Services (dhcp, dns, ntp etc)
16th September - User Services (http, ftp, cups etc)

Remember to keep all sheets as each of them will no doubt be useful over
the weeks. hopefully this guide gives you all some idea of what we're
going to be doing.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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