[ubuntu-us-ma] Tuesday: Progress This Evening

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 05:42:37 BST 2009

Hey Massachusetts Local Community,

Tonight, what a turnout! Helping us this evening we had:

Daniel Hollocher
Danny Piccirillo 
James Gray
Martin Owens
Mike Rushton
Mike Terry
Nicolas Valcarcel
Sara Abbot
Yuriy Kozlov

Thank you to you all, what Heros! And we got the following done:

Taught a class about Ubuntu Desktop
Taught some chaps about Python Programming
Taught the local sys-admin how to manage DHCP server on new machine
Got a new DHCP server up and running
Debugged the network, taking down a faulty network connection to a
Discussed some things we can be doing as a Local Community for

Mike Terry suggests getting more geeky events such as conferences, we
should be attending any none computer related geeky conference such as
pi-con or the Anime convention next year, if anyone knows of such events
let us know.
We should also be keeping some lists of marketing locations such as
libraries and other community centers, I've asked James and Dan and they
jumped at the job, so everyone help out where you can filling in
information about our marketing contacts into the google spreadsheet

We're getting a good setup running at the SETC and we should be looking
to redo their network infrastructure a bit more to work out some of the
networking issues. Mike has reached the end of his expertise and would
like to find someone who knows how to debug physical (ethernet)
networking bottlenecks and problems.

Apologies that we didn't get to reinstall all the lab machines, the PXE
boot wasn't ready, some last minuet wrinkles. But hopefully we got to
have fun and get some stuff done and overall I loved the social
gathering of so many of our top geeks tonight, thanks again :-)

Hope to see you next Tuesday and if we get turnouts like this more
often, we can organise some fun group activity with pizza and marketing
mail shots and other fun things and really get the ball rolling with

So let us know if your likely to come or not, bring ideas about getting
everyone in Massachusetts using Ubuntu, even if it's just Dual Booting.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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