[ubuntu-us-ma] ATI 9.1

kevin dreimiller kevin_dreimiller at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 6 15:33:15 GMT 2009

I installed the new 9.1 ATI driver with some pretty good success, but there are a few other glitches that Id like to work out if possible.  I tried one edit to the xorg to scary results (rebooted to a weird string of messages, no gui, etc.).  

Mostly the remaining problems are:

with compiz running - video can be jerky (not bad tho) if im doing something else (i use totem, vlz & mplayer)

also with compiz running - totem overlays the video image onto the control bar unless in full screen

HD video can only be done with Totem (with no compiz).  mplayer has crashed my computer trying to run it and vlc just wont play it

any thoughts?

i have a toshiba satellite l305, 3 gigs mem, ati radeon 3100.  maybe my graphics just isnt good enough to handle compiz and vid (esp HD at the same time)?


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