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jimi o'beirne jimobeirne at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 14:50:43 GMT 2009

Went to the Into to Linux seminar at Microcenter. We had 13 attendees
there which I think was a pretty good showing for their first shot at
this. The guy that ran the intro, Doug, is one of the Microcenter. floor
guys and also does tech support for them (and now, I guess training). I
have known Doug for somewhere around 8 years+ and he has always been the
best they have there in my opinion. I have a good relationship with him.

It was very basic stuff, and the first in what appears to be a series of
seminars they will be running. There was a mix of folks that had zero
knowledge of Linux up to some that have good understanding. There was
great interest in Ubuntu and they were VERY excited when I introduced
myself as a member of the local Ubuntu users group. Of all the CD's,
flyers and stickers I brought, I only have a few sticker left. I would
plan on bring more for any other seminars as I think this is going to be
a well attended series.

I have spoken to Doug and he is interested on some help from us as I
seemed to know more about Linux than he did and I'm definitely not the
top Linux/Ubuntu person we have on our team, but will want to fly it by
his management team. He is going to check and has my contact info but I
will also make a point of following up. Maybe it would be a good idea
for Martin to reach out also as the leader of our group? Maybe we could
line up a short meeting with the folks that run the training dept there
and assist/run our own seminar series or augment this one. 

I have vast experience developing/managing partner relationships from my
past jobs (see attached resume, which, yes is also a shameless plug as I
am also desperately seeking full time employment!!). I think Microcenter
would be a great opportunity for us to use to achieve outreach into the
user community. It would also be helpful if we had some
handouts/collateral for the seminars and to have posted at Microcenter
specific to our group. 

Net net, I think we have what could become a fantastic partnership to
serve both Microcenter and our own goals available here.

Jim O'Beirne

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