[ubuntu-us-ma] Meeting Next Week: 2009-08-27

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 01:46:57 BST 2009

Hey advocates,

This is a quick reminder that we have a team meeting next week (Thursday
27th August 2009) and if you want to come and talk about events of
listen in to the reports of events going on, edit the meeting page:


There are a few things that need to really start being discussed:

 * October's Karmic Release Party (Felicia? can you join on IRC?)
 * The Ubuntu Jam events, we have none for this LoCo and if anyone wants
to organise an event, please come tot he meeting and step up tot the
plate. We need to show the wider community that we can contribute to the
core (bugs, translations, packaging, art etc) as much as we can do
community work.

Nothing much was decided at last month's meeting, but I know there was
more than the blank space currently there. So I need to grab the minuets
and inset them into last month's meeting wiki too and add the action
items. (I think it was mostly just me anyway)


Not to worry though, the summer months are slower than other months and
hopefully things will get back on track for October's release party for

Hope to see you all there,

Best Regards, Martin Owens (Meeting Event Organiser)

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