Ibex release party

deviousdragen deviousdragen at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 04:30:23 GMT 2008

Sharing drinks causes colds to be passed :) Perhaps next time, you can come
and pass on the cold :) Haha I am so funny. Ok, more like tired. I hope your
not too bummed out Ralph. It was fun, but nobody stayed very late. There was
some new, and some old faces there. I Forgot to pull out the camera earlier
in the game, but i got a few good pictures of the different people chatting
and such, i'll post them on the galleries when i have a chance. Feel free to
check out the other pictures from past events on the gallery page...
http://gallery.ubuntu-ma.us/ .

Sweet dreams Hardy Herron and Welcome Intrepid Ibex...

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