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Martin Owens doctormo at
Fri Mar 7 04:26:02 GMT 2008

It's very interesting, I was thinking that you might be using the gnu
cli rules to automatically allow users to use the parts of a command
which makes sense. But that would require quite a bit of work.

On 06/03/2008, Daniel Hollocher <ubuntu-us-ma at> wrote:
> Ok, so here is a mini presentation on what I have done:
> What I want from my linux OS is for it to naturally turn me into a power
> user.  That means command line.  The problem was that allot of the GUIs
> don't give any hint whatsoever as to the CLI methods.  Network configuration
> is a main example for me.  I used the gui to setup my network ok, and I was
> aware of the CLI method, but not sure how to use it.  I thought, "Damn it, I
> want that GUI to teach me, rather than just do it for me!"
> I felt (and still feel) that editing those projects would be impossible for
> me, and my requests would probably be added to a large ignore pile
> somewhere.  So, I began poking around to see what I could accomplish, which
> follows:
> The project that I have coded uses the following primary technologies:
> python, the python html parser, the vte module from GNOME (which is a
> terminal emulator), and GTK.  The practical goal of this project is to
> create an html-like format which can represent and document the activities
> of a CLI user.  (In comparison, regular html represents a collage, like the
> ones you find from 5th grade science fair projects)  From this format, a GUI
> is created which can perform the activities, and does so in a completely
> transparent manner.  This serves the purposes of training and security,
> which we can discuss later.
> To see the project in action, you have two options.  Watch some videos that
> I made, or run it yourself.
> To run it yourself, install python-vte, and download and one of the
> .climl files, from either the demos or tests folders.
>  Execute with one of the .climl filenames as an argument, for
> example: ./ demos/Using_The_Terminal.climl
> To watch a video demo, go here:
> These vids are far from perfect, and run a little long.  They are intended
> for people who can't demo the project themselves.  So, if you manage to demo
> the project yourself, I would expect you to find the videos boring.
> Additionally, there is allot of repetition between the two vids.  But, do
> whatever.
> Dan

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