SETC last night

Martin Owens doctormo at
Wed Jun 11 16:15:35 BST 2008

Hey All,

I'd like to echo Mike's email.

You guys rocked last night, shout out to Max, Mike, Mark, John and
Barry... no wait there was no Barry ;-)

I'm very happy with the way we dealt with the problem, we made a
mistake and came out in force to fix it, well done!

Next week we can resume teaching Basic Ubuntu Desktop, CLI and Python
programming. Be sure to pop in if you want to meet us all and see what
we're up to.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

2008/6/11 leftyfb <leftyfb at>:
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> Thanks to all that came out to the SETC last night to help out. We ran a
> little late into the night, but we got all machines installed with
> Windows and Ubuntu dual boot and fully updated. Going forward, please do
> not make any changes to these 6 machines without first consulting either
> myself, Martin or Mel King. These are only to be used for our students
> when we are teaching them on Tuesday nights as well as other classes
> throughout the week.
> I hope to continue to see the good turnout we've been having these past
> few weeks at the center to help teach the general public about Ubuntu
> and get machines loaded with Ubuntu and prepped to be donated/sold to
> those that need them.
> Again, thanks to everyone for the tremendous effort and dedication!
> leftyfb
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