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Don't forget our newest member, "Rio" who came out to help. Thanks for
helping out last night and welcome to the team!

Martin Owens wrote:
| Hey All,
| I'd like to echo Mike's email.
| You guys rocked last night, shout out to Max, Mike, Mark, John and
| Barry... no wait there was no Barry ;-)
| I'm very happy with the way we dealt with the problem, we made a
| mistake and came out in force to fix it, well done!
| Next week we can resume teaching Basic Ubuntu Desktop, CLI and Python
| programming. Be sure to pop in if you want to meet us all and see what
| we're up to.
| Best Regards, Martin Owens
| 2008/6/11 leftyfb <leftyfb at>:
| Thanks to all that came out to the SETC last night to help out. We ran a
| little late into the night, but we got all machines installed with
| Windows and Ubuntu dual boot and fully updated. Going forward, please do
| not make any changes to these 6 machines without first consulting either
| myself, Martin or Mel King. These are only to be used for our students
| when we are teaching them on Tuesday nights as well as other classes
| throughout the week.
| I hope to continue to see the good turnout we've been having these past
| few weeks at the center to help teach the general public about Ubuntu
| and get machines loaded with Ubuntu and prepped to be donated/sold to
| those that need them.
| Again, thanks to everyone for the tremendous effort and dedication!
| leftyfb
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