Value of switching to FOSS

leftyfb leftyfb at
Mon Jan 21 16:13:29 GMT 2008

What people seem to leave out when explaining constant update with F/OSS
is the fact that opposed to windows, you are receiving updates for ALL
the packages/software you have installed through repositories. Not just
the operating system and a few core applications. So you are receiving
updates for pidgin, open office, xchat, gimp, inkscape, rhythmbox, vlc,
etc. Not just nautilus, firefox and gedit which would be the equivalent
in windows.

Joe Palladino wrote:
> I was talking to a friend about FOSS and OSS software last night and it 
> occurred to me that one of the big reasons to switch is that it is 
> FREE.  Let me explain. 
> We were talking about bug fixes and updates.  He mentioned that for 
> F/OSS there are constant updates.  In MS products there are packaged 
> updates done on a "semi regular" basis.  To me, one of the bigger 
> benefits of FOSS are the updates.  They are done by enthusiasts and 
> reviewed by peers and users a like.  Also, there aren't any investors to 
> please.  A company has to do spin and play down the effects.  We just 
> rush to fix it.
> I was just wondering if in our presentations we talk about this.
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> aka Joe ;)
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