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Kristian Erik Hermansen kristian.hermansen at
Tue Jan 15 06:28:00 GMT 2008

In the latest Ubuntu weekly newsletter the Ubuntu folks announced the
release of the Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Course. The modular course should
take two days to complete all 10 of the lessons offered, but it is
possible to cover topics and lessons independently of each other,
learning whatever is of interest.

Coming in two versions, both downloadable as PDFs, there is a student
guide and an instructor guide. The instructor guide comes with
instructor notes and answers to the exercise questions together while
the student guide has no instructor notes and the answers are provided

The ten sections of the course include: introducing Ubuntu; exploring
the Ubuntu desktop; using the Internet; using OpenOffice applications;
Ubuntu and games; customising the desktop and applications; making the
most of images and photos; playing music and videos; ubuntu help and
support; and partitioning and booting.

Announcing the release of the course, Billy Cina, Canonical training
programmes manager, wrote "This is just the beginning of the project
which we hope will live and evolve with each new Ubuntu release. Yours
to develop, enhance and branch off to your heart's content!"

The course falls under a Creative Commons licence and people are
welcome to modify and create additional content. For more details go
to the announcement here.
Kristian Erik Hermansen
"Know something about everything and everything about something."

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