Compiz on Dell Dimension 2400/GeForce 6200

Martin Owens doctormo at
Tue Dec 30 16:25:59 GMT 2008

If what you have bought is a PCI nvidia card (do they even make those
any more!?) then you may need the old drivers (and maybe even an older
kernel) Ah the price we pay for proprietary drivers.

Anyway, what you need to be checking is glxinfo, look for the 'direct
rendering' and make sure everything says 'nVidia Corp' and not generic
or some other such.

You can also install the nvidia tools which should allow you to run the
`nvidia-settings ` program, this shows you if your running the nvidia
driver and what features you have available.

I stress, just because you've gotten an nvidia card is _no_ guarentee
that it has 3D effects features. Especially when it's a PCI card which
have not been used for 3D graphics cards in many years.

You may however have a PCI-X card, in which case it'd be a very new
chipset. Please do report on the chipset using the `lspci -nn` command.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

On Tue, 2008-12-30 at 10:59 -0500, jimi o'beirne wrote:
> Hey guys-
> Have a question. Installed latest Ubuntu onto my older Dell Dimension
> 2400. Upgraded the video card yesterday to a GeForce 6200 256MB (the
> store didn't have any PCI 512MB's). Have tried the video drivers from
> NVidia (version 177, "recommended"), and when I try going to
> System/Preferences/Visual Affects and enabling any settings other than
> None I get the message "Desktop effects could not be enabled". I have
> also installed Envy and am running that now, but still no joy. I am
> trying to get Compiz Fusion to work.
> The good news is I have been able to get dual monitors working which is
> nice....
> Any ideas???
> Thanks
> Jim O'Beirne

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