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Hi all,

In general, some ideas I like and others I don't like.  I posted this same
message to comments....

In an anecdotal way, whether I like notifications depends on 1) my mood, 2)
my task at hand and 3) what/why I'm bothered.  Like if I'm heads-down busy,
I don't care about anything but knowing who IM'ed me, and if I'm forgetting
a meeting/appointment.  Even then fade away, quick, get out of my way!  :-)
But if I'm "project managing", I'm much more interrupt-able.  Knowing who
said what in which app is good.  At slower times at work or at home, more
apps, and dialogs that linger longer, and dialogs that have short-cuts (I'm
lazy okay! :-) ) is great.

No matter what, I am glad the idea of notifications is getting more
attention.  The video, like others, makes me think of Growl.  I like Growl
and use it when I'm in Mac OS X.  Its simple, nice looking, "ephemeral", and
has configurable dialogs that pop-up and fade away.  I also like being able
to configure general behavior and have different settings for certain apps.

I don't like some of the over simplification mentioned; like a few comments
and my comments above: life varies and changes the "importance" of
notifications.  I also don't like the implication that "an experiment" will
the default behavior in 9.04.  Other channels (new section for weekly news?)
could be used at first.  Don't get me wrong, I will play with it when it
comes out, I just don't want it "forced on me".  Last thing I don't like (at
least in phrasing) is the deprecating of something in a standard that isn't
even finalized.

In end though, FOSS is about choice, and if people don't like what's out
there, its their right to do something about it.  Hopefully those that take
on choosing something different give their users some choice as well.  At
least the other packages will still be maintained.


On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 12:15 PM, Mike Rushton <leftyfb at> wrote:

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> What does everyone think of this new idea?
> Personally I do not like it one bit. And I have commented on the blog as
> such:
> I feel too much like I am being told how I am notified and that I have
> no control over it. If I wanted that, I'd go back to Windows or buy a mac.
> I'd like to get everyone else's opinions as well.
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