Moving Forwards with Ubuntu

Martin Owens doctormo at
Wed Aug 27 00:12:40 BST 2008

Dear Mel King,

Following our talk about how to structure the way in which the Ubuntu
Massachusetts LoCo and the South End Technology Center work together
to be more effective with what we want to do.

Our goals:

 1) To teach people how to use Free Software applications in place of
expensive and restrictive tools.
 2) To teach people how to install ubuntu and trouble shoot problems
that can crop up, expanding the pool of people for support.
 3) To structure a support network which is able to fix problems in
the community and relay advanced problems to more advanced help.

I propose the following for each goal to improve the structure of what we do:

= Free Software Applications =

== Existing Teachers ==
 * We need to get existing teach to learn people and existing teachers
involved in moving over from teaching less valuable skills in
proprietary software to teaching skills with free software.
 * This requires that each teacher be willing to transition and to set
aside time where we can introduce the Free Software tools to them.

== Resources ==
 * In order to teach these tools we need Ubuntu to be accessible from
the front computer suite.
 * Ubuntu should be the primary operating system to encourage everyone
get comfortable with the software.
 * An upgrade in the network management and user management would be a
very beneficial addition to making sure that this additional software
does not come with additional burdens.
 * Free Ubuntu CDs should be always available to the general public,
and teachers should encourage people to take them home to be able to
practice with their new skills.

= Basic Sys-Admin Course =
 * A single practice computer with an imaged hard disk should be
available to allow installations to be conducted. This computer
shouldn't be in production use.
 * Various example hardware should be made available to help students
learn how to troubleshoot various problems.
 * A general guide should be written or acquired which should list all
of the things we want people to learn.
 * Someone should head-up this area specicially and should aim that
the course become set sustaining with students becoming teachers as
more learn.
 * Promotion of the course should be done by SETC and the LoCo through
various channels to get students in.

= Support and Networking =
 * Fixing hardware faults for people who have problems.
 * Troubleshooting software faults with Ubuntu computers.
 * Making sure everyone has clear ways to ask for help, a central email address.
 * Making sure there are leaflets available detailing the ways to find
support either online or in the community.

If there any corrections or people who would like to be involved with
this project, please get in touch.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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