Martin Owens doctormo at
Tue Aug 19 14:47:30 BST 2008

That is indeed odd, are you running ubuntu? what kind of graphics
card? what kind of wifi card (use lspci or lspcmcia or lsusb to list
devices and put the models here)

I've never seen ubuntu go into 600x800 mode with any graphics card to
date, even ones that it doesn't have good drivers for by default (i.e

The wifi stuff may require ndiswrapper (using the windows drivers) or
it may require this other driver, although in ubuntu compiling new
kernel models is known to be troublesome since it makes updates kill
the new code.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

2008/8/19 Jason Ribeiro <jason.ribeiro at>:
> On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 9:09 AM, Rick Bailly <lifetyme at> wrote:
>> The issues are that I cant get any wifi networks to even show up, let alone
>> connect. I also have my screen stuck at 800x600, when it should/could be at
>> 1024x768. Third, my virtual box shows a thick black border around the window
>> at full screen mode. Switching to full screen doesnt change the size of the
>> window, it just "blacks out" everything else.
>> Thanx
>> Rick
> Hi Rick,
> I don't much about your first two issues, but have you checked
> and
> ?
> Regarding the VirtualBox issue, have you installed Guest Additions for
> the guest OS?
> Best,
> Jason
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