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Martin Owens doctormo at
Tue Aug 5 18:35:29 BST 2008

What kind of development, what kind of tools? FOSS is a great place to
colaberate on such things and I know that there are Library tools
being built all over the world.

I see a need for ubuntu distributions specifically for solving key
problems and offering key services. For instance setting up a server
to run openExchange and have the tools to configure it nicely. Having
ways to have servers dedicated to different machines that don't
require huge amounts of sysadmin work.

I'm behind this initiative and I invite your contact to our next
meeting to open a dialogue.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

2008/8/5 Michael <enchantedvisionsband at>:
>        I had a meeting today with a woman who represents SEMLS which connects
> all the libraries on the south shore MA. She is running a workshop on
> Ubuntu for Libraries (I am helping to teach it). She also mentioned that
> they are looking to get more involved in FOSS and are looking to
> possibly to start some of their own projects. For instance we talked
> about a Ubuntu Library Edition. So this is an Email wondering how we the
> Ubuntu LoCo team could assist them. Whether it be through volunteering
> to help libraries make the switch or paid development of Software tools
> that libraries need.
>        I think there are so many opportunities that exist here. 1) It will
> give us larger penetration to the public. Because most of these
> computers are public access computers for public browsing. That will
> give us exposure to people that would not necessarily have exposure to
> Ubuntu. 2) It is possible that for some of us there are job
> opportunities for doing Free and Open source Development. 3) Its a way
> for us to get the software in position to get into other areas. Such as
> higher up Government organizations.
>        The time is ripe I think. She told me that many of the people in the
> system are excited to get Foss in place. She only feels their is a lack
> of talent for Foss within the system. If we get involved I really think
> that we will carve out a reputation for ourselves.
> This is something that should be discussed at a team meeting. If there
> is anyone that wants to do some Development let me know and I will get
> you in touch with the proper channels.
> ~Mike~~Drascus321~
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