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Fri Sep 21 23:49:51 BST 2007

> This is where the confusion came in before right? It's not a no 'as
> such' it's a 'nothing gets done unless there is someone to do it' and
> that's not me putting some kind of rule in that is just how things
> work in the FOSS community and in general life. What I'd rather see is
> if someone could stand up and say: "Have no fear! I will manage all
> library projects, editing the wiki with regard to contacting them,
> organise others interested in engaging libraries in their areas and
> push for a unified effort in some districts." or words to that effect.
> Then we can sort of focus all library related efforts arround that
> instead of trying to offer either a diffuse solution of ubuntu members
> prodding their local libraries with no effect or worse more
> administration burden on Mike :-P
> Best Regards, Martin Owens

...actually, confusion appears to have just set in. I don't quite understand
how wanting to introduce my local libraries to Ubuntu would require me to
oversee all work done with our libraries. Perhaps nothing does get done if
people are demanded to oversee entire projects for wanting to promote Ubuntu
in an additional way? Your little rant there made me less inclined to do
what I stated that I would do. Anyone else want to come to Lynn to promote
Ubuntu here? Nope, didn't think so. I can volunteer to do some work in what
little free time I have, but I'm no leader. I think it may be in my best
interest to continue spreading Ubuntu goodness in my own way, without the
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