relese party thursday

leftyfb leftyfb at
Mon Oct 15 22:33:52 BST 2007

I'll be there, as well as Sara(deviousdragen)

jay at wrote:
> Just sending out a reminder about the release party thursday, 7oo pm.  It
> will be at the globe in copley square, on boylston.  take the green line
> to copley, or there is usually parking open on beacon.  The food is great
> and anyone who wants can order off the menu, If enough people want dinner
> perhapse we could plan on 800-830 for that.  There will also be plenty of
> cocktails so bring your wallets (cash will be easier).  All ages are
> welcome and we will have the upper mezzanine area.  There is a plasma if
> anyone has anything they want to show or demonstrate.  I also put an order
> in for finger foods and if anyone wants to donate to the fund feel free.
> so whos coming?

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