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Jason M Normand jay at
Thu Nov 29 18:43:50 GMT 2007

your right martin they are doing a great job at getting this stuff out 
when the manufacturers stone wall linux and other open systems.  i was 
more thinking of it from a corporate perspective at the time however, 
where 3rd party drivers are akin to the plague.  really in order to have 
mass adoption drivers need to be supported by the manufacturers.

its is good to hear first hand that dell is pushing their weight around, 
as i was suspecting they would be.

Martin Owens wrote:
>> Hopefully they are using their clout to push on manufacturers but
>> ultimately all open drivers are not very realistic in the near future.
> You should condition that: "ultimately all open drivers supported by
> the hardware manufacturer are not very realistic in the near future."
> Having all open drivers is very doable at the moment thanks to the
> hard works of reverse engineers. I do hope your not ignoring their
> hard work.
> Regards, Martin

Jason M Normand

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