a problem with Compiz-Fusion in Gutsy

George E Noon george.noon at comcast.net
Fri Nov 9 17:24:16 GMT 2007

Hi, everyone,
    I've gotten upgraded to Gutsy, on Wed; and
I've been kind of experimenting with the newness of its features --- and
have been very pleased, so far.
    That is until i began experimenting with Compiz-Fusion: not sure at
all what I enabled or set wrong, but now, using Big Wall - cube not
enabled, whenever i go & switch desktops, Both my Taskbars, upper &
lower, vanish and it seems so far i have only been able to get 'em back
by either restarting, sort of like WinXP -- or using Alt + Tab to get
back to desktop 1.
    What I want to know is - is there a keyboard shortcut or key combo
that will restore them, or a setting to prevent losing them.?.
    If i can get back to my System settings, I could return to the
defaults until I get smartened-up on what' what with this new
    Thanks, in advance for any & all help.
~~~~~~~~George E Noon

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