New York Times advertisement for Ubuntu

Benjamin Melançon pwgdarchive at
Wed Nov 7 21:27:22 GMT 2007

$25 * 10,000 = $250,000  -- lord knows I hope that's a decimal point
off, but do we really want to give even $25,000 to the New York Times?
 Hey, the're using Drupal in a new project, which is great, and I
don't know of any anti-FOSS bias, but the weight of evidence has them
on the wrong side of most everything that increases justice and
liberty worldwide.

It's not as clear-cut as World Can't Wait running ads in the NYT as
being simply giving money to the enemy (a key enabler of Bush regime
wars), but...  can't we promote the new and better without propping up
the old and dangerous?

Special sponsored editions of The NYC Indypendent and the new Boston
Underground with promotion that gets them into wealthier suburban
hands that usually hold the Times or the Globe may be more
cost-effective per person, and far better for all human-oriented
movements in the long run.

My input isn't even worth 2 cents, but there it is.

Seriously about the Boston Underground-- if people are open, I'll contact them.


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