New York Times advertisement for Ubuntu

Jonathan M. Prigot jprigot at
Wed Nov 7 21:41:21 GMT 2007

I think that it comes down to who it is we wish to target. The NYT, Washington 
Post, WSJ, etc. seem to be held as well respected papers by a majority of 
people. Are their hands totally clean? No, of course not. But as Mozilla 
found out, an ad with them goes a long way in making people aware. Other 
media may be more deserving, but do they get to the people we want to reach?

On Wednesday 07 November 2007 16:27:22 Benjamin Melançon wrote:
> $25 * 10,000 = $250,000  -- lord knows I hope that's a decimal point
> off, but do we really want to give even $25,000 to the New York Times?
>  Hey, the're using Drupal in a new project, which is great, and I
> don't know of any anti-FOSS bias, but the weight of evidence has them
> on the wrong side of most everything that increases justice and
> liberty worldwide.
> It's not as clear-cut as World Can't Wait running ads in the NYT as
> being simply giving money to the enemy (a key enabler of Bush regime
> wars), but...  can't we promote the new and better without propping up
> the old and dangerous?
> Special sponsored editions of The NYC Indypendent and the new Boston
> Underground with promotion that gets them into wealthier suburban
> hands that usually hold the Times or the Globe may be more
> cost-effective per person, and far better for all human-oriented
> movements in the long run.
> My input isn't even worth 2 cents, but there it is.
> Seriously about the Boston Underground-- if people are open, I'll contact
> them.
> ben

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