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Stephen Ronan sronan at
Mon Jun 25 06:32:05 BST 2007

Martin, what would tend to be the best time of day or evening for 
you to come by the South End Technology Center? It'd be much 
appreciated. Are there other members of the Ubuntu MA list who 
also might care to join a meeting with Mr. King and others who 
might be involved in trying to shift to use of Ubuntu Linux on 
machines refurbished at the Tech Center?  - Stephen

On Fri, 22 Jun 2007, Martin Owens wrote:

> First thing, most broadband connections should work correctly. modem
> connections might be a little more problematic or where you have a usb
> router instead of an Ethernet connection.
> Second, Columbus Ave where these guys are based is but a short walk
> away from me on broadway; if they need any gratis help let me know and
> I'll have a wander down there. It'd be great to promote ubuntu in this
> way as the ubuntu-ma group has been looking for such opontunities to
> help out (I've CC'ed the ubuntu-ma group)
> Do let me know if I can be of assistance.
> Best Regards, Martin Owens
> On 22/06/07, Stephen Ronan <sronan at> wrote:
>> Hi
>> The South End Technology Center @ Tent City (where at least one
>> BLU installfest has occurred) has over the years, refurbished
>> quite a few donated machines, and then made them available free
>> or at low-cost to Tent City residents and other community
>> members, with follow-up assistance including classes and tech.
>> support/repair.
>> I was over there today, and Mel King, who directs the center on a
>> pro bono basis, told me that they'd like to switch from use of
>> Windows to Ubuntu Linux on many or most of the machines. But
>> there's a lot of concern about people's ability to get up and
>> running, particularly on the Internet, once they get the machines
>> home. He wondered what variety of problems people might run into
>> and whether it might be possible to find or develop some handouts
>> that would help get people over the initial hurdles, esp. in
>> regard to getting online.
>> I'm not at all expert in these issues, but told him I thought the
>> most difficulty might come with DSL connections that used PPPOe
>> requirinmg computer configuration. Since I didn't really know
>> much of anything about that or how Ubuntu Linux handles it, I
>> offered to send a message to this list.
>> Do any of you have any advice on how Mr. King and colleagues
>> might best proceed? Is there already a set of handout type
>> materials that might do the trick. I'd guess that the
>> overwhelming number of users would be dealing with Comcast or RCN
>> cable Internet service or Verizon DSL. Any advice on this list,
>> or in person at South End Technology Center in Boston (around the
>> corner from the Back Bay station), would be gratefully
>> appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Stephen Ronan
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