Computer refurbishing-- Ubuntu, networking, pppoe

Martin Owens doctormo at
Sat Jun 23 03:03:13 BST 2007

First thing, most broadband connections should work correctly. modem
connections might be a little more problematic or where you have a usb
router instead of an Ethernet connection.

Second, Columbus Ave where these guys are based is but a short walk
away from me on broadway; if they need any gratis help let me know and
I'll have a wander down there. It'd be great to promote ubuntu in this
way as the ubuntu-ma group has been looking for such opontunities to
help out (I've CC'ed the ubuntu-ma group)

Do let me know if I can be of assistance.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

On 22/06/07, Stephen Ronan <sronan at> wrote:
> Hi
> The South End Technology Center @ Tent City (where at least one
> BLU installfest has occurred) has over the years, refurbished
> quite a few donated machines, and then made them available free
> or at low-cost to Tent City residents and other community
> members, with follow-up assistance including classes and tech.
> support/repair.
> I was over there today, and Mel King, who directs the center on a
> pro bono basis, told me that they'd like to switch from use of
> Windows to Ubuntu Linux on many or most of the machines. But
> there's a lot of concern about people's ability to get up and
> running, particularly on the Internet, once they get the machines
> home. He wondered what variety of problems people might run into
> and whether it might be possible to find or develop some handouts
> that would help get people over the initial hurdles, esp. in
> regard to getting online.
> I'm not at all expert in these issues, but told him I thought the
> most difficulty might come with DSL connections that used PPPOe
> requirinmg computer configuration. Since I didn't really know
> much of anything about that or how Ubuntu Linux handles it, I
> offered to send a message to this list.
> Do any of you have any advice on how Mr. King and colleagues
> might best proceed? Is there already a set of handout type
> materials that might do the trick. I'd guess that the
> overwhelming number of users would be dealing with Comcast or RCN
> cable Internet service or Verizon DSL. Any advice on this list,
> or in person at South End Technology Center in Boston (around the
> corner from the Back Bay station), would be gratefully
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Stephen Ronan
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