Martin Owens doctormo at
Sat Jun 16 21:41:41 BST 2007

Hi Mako,

Sorry I didn't realise you were out of town; we'll be organising more
events hopefully with your help. let me know what you think is the
best move.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

On 16/06/07, Benj. Mako Hill <mako at> wrote:
> <quote who="Martin Owens" date="Fri, Jun 08, 2007 at 11:15:45PM -0400">
> > I shall be there tomorrow, with a bunch of stick notes handing out
> > urls. I would be handing out CDs but I don't have any and Mako seems
> > to be impossible to contact recently. so if anyone else has large
> > numbers of CDs to give out; do bring them along and we'll see about
> > informing the public at Harvard Square.
> Apologies. I've been traveling recently and in currently in Croatia.
> In any case, there are many ways to conact me including phone, chat, IM,
> email and more on my website:
> Later,
> Mako
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