Ubuntu MASSACHUSETTS InstallFest

Mike lake.wind77 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 19:01:47 BST 2007

Michelle Murrain wrote:
> Yuriy Kozlov wrote:
>> I think you're thinking of the NorthEastern US team
>> (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NUUbuntuTeam), and to my understanding that
>> is more of a team support structure like the US Teams project
>> (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams) than an independent team.  I agree
>> that this is an MA event and there's no reason to call it a New
>> England event, but I don't think anyone would be offended.
> I'm a newcomer, so forgive me butting in a bit. One thing to keep in 
> mind, is that if the location will always be in Boston, calling the 
> event either a Massachusetts installfest or a New England Installfest 
> might get old for those of us who are in MA and/or in New England but 
> don't live in Boston. Some of us out in the Western part of MA, for 
> instance, can get a bit snippy about the bad habit of some Boston 
> residents to forget the rest of the state. :-)
> If however, there are plans to move this around (like at UMass Amherst, 
> or Greenfield CC or some such) then I'm happy to be quiet, and I'll be 
> glad to help organize an event out here.
> Peace,
> Michelle

Well put Michelle!

I too am from Western Massachusetts (Amherst area) and I get 
tired of people considering Massachusetts being JUST the 
Boston area (Bostoncentric). I'm not specifically referring to 
Ubuntu MA when I say that. It's a lot of things including our 
representation at the state government level. But if Ubuntu MA 
is truly going to be a "Massachusetts" group, then the rest of 
the state needs to be considered when meetings are being 
scheduled. Either that or we could try to start up a Western 
Massachusetts chapter on our own and maybe even include 
Southern Vermont in it as well.

I would love to contribute to Ubuntu MA, go to meetings and 
installfests but unless meetings are going to be flexible and 
in places that are more convenient (other than just the 
eastern part of this great Commonwealth), then I won't be 

Last time I was in Boston was more than 20 years ago to attend 
a Bruins game and it was a nightmare (traffic wise) that I 
won't soon forget. For me it's just too difficult driving into 
Boston with the traffic, finding parking, etc... Too much 
aggravation and who needs that? Not me.

I think your idea about having a few of the meetings and 
installfests at places like UMASS Amherst or Greenfield 
Community College is fantastic! GCC would be ideal. Plus, even 
for folks in the eastern part of the state, it's a lot easier 
finding parking around here and there's hardly any traffic to 
contend with (until you head back home again to Boston). Sure 
you'd have to leave Boston but wouldn't you rather spend time 
in quiet, comfortable, beautiful surroundings rather than in 
the heart of the city? Wouldn't that be nice once in a while?


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