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Hi John,

Thanks for the photos. They look great!

We're considering doing a co-hosted event with BLU. It sounds like it
might work. Do you know if there would be any costs associated with
co-hosting (required Donation, charge per person)?

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I took some photos at the BLU Installfest on Saturday, which show the
room's size. If I'm counting correctly, it looks like we had 9 tables
in the room, and we could probably fit 2 PCs on each table, so
theoretically the room might be able to handle 18 installs at a time,
with some crowding.

If 30-40 attendees is an estimate for the full day, and we can
separate that into 15 in the morning and a different 15 in the
afternoon, then maybe this room will be acceptable.

The photos are at

What do you think? Should I request this room, Room 061 in
Building E51? Or should I try to find something bigger?

Room 061 has regular tables and chairs that can be rearranged;
most other rooms have tables and chairs that are permanently
bolted to the floor, and would be awkward for an Installfest.

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