Telco switches to Ubuntu from RHEL for one reason...[Ubuntu in the Enterprise]

Jack Daniel jackadaniel at
Thu Aug 9 16:22:11 BST 2007

Want to see Ubuntu really take off in the small-mid size business
space?  Come up with an alternative to Microsoft SBS, one box that
handles the basic needs of a company- and make support available.  The
SME server project is a very good attempt at this, but without
support, it is only really appealing to people already somewhat
comfortable with Linux.  An Ubuntu-fied version of SME would be
fantastic.  (info on SME at and

And on the RH v. Ubuntu thing- on every version of RH, CentOS, and
Fedora I try, the package manager/software updater is so slow it is
painful to use.  Apt (or Synaptic for those of us "GUI sissies") is
enough reason to move to a Debian based distro for me.


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