Ubuntu presentation for user group?

Jack Daniel jackadaniel at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 16:30:05 BST 2007

Hello folks-

I may be in a position to introduce Ubuntu to a local tech user group
and I was wondering...

Are there such presentations "canned" and ready to deploy?  (If not,
why not?, but that's a topic for another discussion).  If there are,
where might I find them?

I am far from a power user, but I am certain that I could do a decent
intro to Ubuntu- but if one of the more esteemed members of this
august body would be interested in handling a presentation in
Providence, probably in October, I could propose that to the group.
This is a group of mostly small business IT folks, many consultants,
mostly Windows admins, a handful of old Novell guys, 15-25 members
attend most meetings.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Jack Daniel

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