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Just passing along some info.

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Can you please share this with your members if you think they might be
interested in helping out?



O'Reilly Media is conducting research about in-person, live workshops on
software and business topics, and we'd really like your opinion.  If you
live in the United States and work in the tech industry, please consider
taking our 19 question survey to help us understand what you look for in
a live training course – what motivates you, what you expect to get out
of a workshop, what topics you'd like to see, and so forth.

To participate, please go to:

To show our appreciation, we'll select 10 people at random to receive a
free book of your choice.  The drawing will happen on Friday, October
17, so you'll need to complete the survey by that date to enter.  The
last question on the survey will ask for your e-mail – we'll use that
only to contact the randomly selected winners – and your responses will
remain anonymous.

Thank you!

Marsee Henon

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Sebastopol, CA   95472
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Eric Lake
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