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Brad Luyster bradluyster at
Mon Apr 23 01:53:26 BST 2007

As nice an upgrade as Ubuntu would be from Windows 98, I'm afraid
there's no really good replacement for Quickbooks in Linux.  There are
ways to run Quickbooks within Linux using a piece of software called
Wine, but that's a little difficult for new users.  That said, there
are people both inside our group and on the Ubuntu forums that are
more than happy and more than capable of helping you out with that.
That said, there are a lot of equivalents in Linux for the others.

Personally, I've used a few of the Autocad replacements in Linux, and
they're pretty good, though all the keys and shortcuts are a little
different and will take for learning.

Open Office will take care of your needs for MS Office and Printshop
for the most part.  There are some other programs that I haven't
played around with that will replace Printshop.  In this area, maybe
some other members of the team can help more.

If you want, you can install Ubuntu on your computer right now:  The
new install CDs will automatically shrink your partitions and set up a
dual-boot right out of the box.  If you don't like it, you can get rid
of it.

-Brad Luyster

On 4/23/07, Eric <E100 at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I desperately want to switch to Linux. I need someone to answer a few questions via email so I can be sure I'm doing the right thing and can get support. Is there someone out there who can help?
> I currently use win98se. I have a small business and run several critical applications that I want to switch over:
> * Quickbooks pro 99- business accounting software
> * TurboCad 6.5- Autocad (.dwg file extension) compatable 3D drawing software
> * MS Office 97- I use word, excel, access, and powerpoint programs
> * PrintShop V.6- graphics program
> I was in contact with someone (but have lost his email) who told me that there are programs that would open my existing files. I need to be able to find these programs and download Ubuntu and the programs on a trial basis. Is this possible? Should I join a community first? Is there one near by? How should I proceed?
> Thanks,
> Eric Ubelhor
> Walton, KY
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