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Phil Buckler buck2825 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 20:16:24 UTC 2012

I would like to join you for a pint but an 8 hour drive is not in my
schedule or budget!!!

Evansville, IN

On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 2:06 PM, Simón Ruiz <simon.a.ruiz at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 10:30 PM, Michael Schultheiss
> <schultmc at cinlug.org> wrote:
> > David Wonderly wrote:
> >> Hey Everyone.
> Hey!
> Sorry for the delayed response. Work is brutal, these days.
> >> I am going to moving to the Fort Wayne area in August and I thought I
> would
> >> see how the loco is and if there are any LUGS in the Fort Wayne area.
> >
> > As I recall, there are two LUGs in Fort Wayne, one at Ivy Tech Community
> > College (www.ivylug.org) and another (can't seem to find the current
> > website, if there is one).  Simon Ruiz, co-founder of the Indiana LoCo
> > lives in Fort Wayne and can probably provide more information.
> Yeah, so IvyLUG is currently the active LUG in town. Their mailing
> list is up and running, and we meet about once a month. We're meeting
> tonight at 6:30pm, actually, at a beer and pizza place downtown called
> "Pint & Slice".
> The FWLUG resources (wiki, mailing list, etc.) are currently offline,
> as we haven't successfully brought things back up after the founder,
> who moved out of state last year, finally switched his servers off.
> This is not a dead LUG, though; just those of us who have an interest
> in getting things back up and running find ourselves with a deficit of
> time to do so.
> >> A little about me. I've been involved with Ubuntu for about 5 now. I'm
> >> currently on the California teams leadership. We have a 3 leader system
> out
> >> here. I am also on the Kubuntu council and an avid KDE user.
> >>
> >> Having been doing the leader thing in the California team for a couple
> >> years, I wanted to get involved with the Indiana team when I come to
> >> town.
> >
> > The Indiana team has stagnated in recent years since Simon and I
> > (co-founders) have been pretty busy recently.  It'd be great to get new
> > people involved to help resurrect the LoCo.
> Very cool
> I guess Michael and I were the de facto "leaders", as co-founders and
> LoCo Contacts so that would suggest we have a two leader system, but
> when the time came for us to step down we didn't find anyone available
> to step up. Thus the stagnation.
> Both of us used to have a lot more time and energy to spend on
> organizing events, playing cheerleader, and such—we managed to
> represent the Indiana LoCo at quite a few events, and host Release
> Parties, etc. regularly for a few years and even managed to get the
> team officially "approved" by the Ubuntu Community Council—and then at
> some point we both had our "real lives" demand most of that time and
> energy back.
> As Michael states, if you (or anyone else on the list) has the desire
> to take leadership, we would be thrilled to support you.
> I, for one, would do my best to attend events that were organized. I
> just find that I don't have the wherewithal to spearhead the process
> of getting them organized anymore.
> >> Anyway, I'll try and make the July IRC meeting and would like to see
> >> what I can do to help the Indiana Team.
> >
> > I lurk in the channel but haven't participated in a meeting in quite a
> > while - one of our members dutifully runs them but when I check my irc
> > client there's rarely anyone participating besides him.
> >
> > Welcome!  We're looking forward to your participation at whatever level
> > you'd like.
> Ditto.
> Have a beautiful day!
> Simón
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