[ubuntu-us-in] Greetings

Simón Ruiz simon.a.ruiz at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 19:06:29 UTC 2012

On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 10:30 PM, Michael Schultheiss
<schultmc at cinlug.org> wrote:
> David Wonderly wrote:
>> Hey Everyone.


Sorry for the delayed response. Work is brutal, these days.

>> I am going to moving to the Fort Wayne area in August and I thought I would
>> see how the loco is and if there are any LUGS in the Fort Wayne area.
> As I recall, there are two LUGs in Fort Wayne, one at Ivy Tech Community
> College (www.ivylug.org) and another (can't seem to find the current
> website, if there is one).  Simon Ruiz, co-founder of the Indiana LoCo
> lives in Fort Wayne and can probably provide more information.

Yeah, so IvyLUG is currently the active LUG in town. Their mailing
list is up and running, and we meet about once a month. We're meeting
tonight at 6:30pm, actually, at a beer and pizza place downtown called
"Pint & Slice".

The FWLUG resources (wiki, mailing list, etc.) are currently offline,
as we haven't successfully brought things back up after the founder,
who moved out of state last year, finally switched his servers off.

This is not a dead LUG, though; just those of us who have an interest
in getting things back up and running find ourselves with a deficit of
time to do so.

>> A little about me. I've been involved with Ubuntu for about 5 now. I'm
>> currently on the California teams leadership. We have a 3 leader system out
>> here. I am also on the Kubuntu council and an avid KDE user.
>> Having been doing the leader thing in the California team for a couple
>> years, I wanted to get involved with the Indiana team when I come to
>> town.
> The Indiana team has stagnated in recent years since Simon and I
> (co-founders) have been pretty busy recently.  It'd be great to get new
> people involved to help resurrect the LoCo.

Very cool

I guess Michael and I were the de facto "leaders", as co-founders and
LoCo Contacts so that would suggest we have a two leader system, but
when the time came for us to step down we didn't find anyone available
to step up. Thus the stagnation.

Both of us used to have a lot more time and energy to spend on
organizing events, playing cheerleader, and such—we managed to
represent the Indiana LoCo at quite a few events, and host Release
Parties, etc. regularly for a few years and even managed to get the
team officially "approved" by the Ubuntu Community Council—and then at
some point we both had our "real lives" demand most of that time and
energy back.

As Michael states, if you (or anyone else on the list) has the desire
to take leadership, we would be thrilled to support you.

I, for one, would do my best to attend events that were organized. I
just find that I don't have the wherewithal to spearhead the process
of getting them organized anymore.

>> Anyway, I'll try and make the July IRC meeting and would like to see
>> what I can do to help the Indiana Team.
> I lurk in the channel but haven't participated in a meeting in quite a
> while - one of our members dutifully runs them but when I check my irc
> client there's rarely anyone participating besides him.
> Welcome!  We're looking forward to your participation at whatever level
> you'd like.


Have a beautiful day!


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